My work is about obsession and relationship. Obsession with images that enter my mind and stay there for a long time. Obsession with simplifying and abstracting images to their bare essentials. Obsession also with complexity of textures alternatively arrived at by chance and willed deliberately. My work is also about relationships. The relationship between shapes and images. How they correlate to one another on the picture plane and the expression derived from such interplay. And relationship between colors and textures.

For me wood has come to be the ideal medium for the way it lends itself to experimentation with texture. The lifting of the layers of plywood introduces the element of "ying" of chance and the carving away with tools the "yang" of will.

The imagery is sometimes rooted in the everyday objects one encounters and at other times embedded in the subconscious appearing in a dream or a memory that comes from a distant time and place in the psyche. In every case the image is a reminder of something else; a stand in for an idea, a memory.


Marjan Nirou Saniee is an Iranian-American artist working in New Jersey. She holds an MFA degree in painting from Pratt Institute. She has exhibited in the tri-state area and her works are in private collections on both coasts. Her original style exploits the textural possibilities of wood resulting in a unique coming together of vivid colors, complex textures, and simple, abstracted shapes.